Well folks, once again I've found what is a sweet deal. I'm now the proud owner of the above mentioned motor!!! Its a bird OMG its a datsun in flames!!!!!!!! ZBig time score!! Big time Way to go, Mark! Yeah, I'm pretty happy about it!

EK Easter Celebration

Great score Congratulations. Secondly, I'd agree that most pistons should not have there domes removed due to the fact that under the piston dome area is a concaved or inverted area. To both myself and my engine builders surprise, these are Custom Brooks Racing pistons and there is no concave or inverted area, meaning it would be the same thickness across the whole piston face area after removing the dome.

This of coarse will require the crank to be re-balanced. It should work fine, if not I'll get new forged flat-tops. My engine builder has assured me that I can run a wet-sump system or a dry-sump. The choice is mine to make, since I have access to both.

rodeck aluminum blocks website

Upon closer inspection, the Brodix heads have Titanium valves! Porting work was done by Ron Shaver of Sprint car fame! I can't wait for my engine builder to flow test these babies! Ok, I called Rodeck and gave them the casting number and they said it is a wet-sump! After talking with several sprint car racers and my engine builder, I've decided run Methanol and keep it a motor.

Rodeck 400 SBC

Methanol is about a "buck a gallon" around here! I'm shooting for HP the flywheel! I know a guy with amaking right around HP on pump gas, he's a Mopar guy but this is a Chevy in a 4th gen Camaro.

He runs Progressive Race Engines, he knows his stuff, its not a big cam either.

SBC SB2 Aluminum Race Block

I know that methanol is highly corrosive, but I'm replacing the whole fuel system anyway. As to it taking "twice as much" methanol as gas, that's just not true. The sprint car racers I've spoken with gave me a example of a typical 20 lap race where one car is running methanol and the other race gas. The methanol car will burn around 15 gallons and the gas car will burn about 12 gallons! I'll also be running synthetic motor and a fuel dryer filtration system. Racing gas will be run thru the motor prior the shut-downs.

BTW my car ran quicker Grumpy, I appreciate the advise and in no way take offense to your recommendations. I'm weighing the "cost vs hassle" aspect right now. Methanol is quite plentiful and cheap here in northern California due to Sprint car racing and multi-fuel vehicles.

I know of several service stations that sell it at the pump and fuel companies that sell in 55 gallon drums. Damn, Grumpy. Did women and small children run in terror when you drove that car down the street? You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.This mounting set has all the necessary parts to mount an EK-Quantum Velocity on all currently supported mainstream Intel, EK Water Blocks, a European premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is releasing multi-fan packs of its renowned EK-Vardar fans.

Coming in dual and triple sets, these fans were developed in-house and first introduced in This distro plate is made to provide a unique water-cooling solution with dual D5 pumps for users who demand premium aesthetics, silence, and enough With the majority of the world facing lockdowns and home quarantines, we know that many of you are not enjoying this whole situation.

This is why we We know that life seems different these days, but despite the worldwide COVID situation, EK is doing its best to keep everything running as smoothly as possible on our part.

As you are aware, the majority of our products are manufactured in the EU, so there were no significant disruptions in our supply. Highest performance and unlimited customization options. You choose every component yourself and high overclocks are just around the corner!

A great place to start if you are a beginner. Buy now. Enjoy the Eggcellent EK Easter! Choose your special offer! Easter Basket or Classic Easter? What is custom loop? Pick your kit! Best Sellers.

rodeck aluminum blocks website

Torque Fittings Choose your fitting size and color accent ring from a total of 42 combinations. We also help you via:. You can pay with:. Thank you! EKWB employees would like to Thank you for considering our products and webshop as your provider of PC cooling solutions.

Do know that we strive for Perfection in every aspect — from the product to the service, so in case you are not satisfied with anything at all, let us know!

rodeck aluminum blocks website

Likewise if you need help. Thank you.Darton sleeves wishes to advise all current and future customers that our company is fully operational and staffed during the current national concern surrounding coronavirus COVID Darton is producing all orders received and supporting all commitments of custom orders, orders for off the shelf inventory and professional race teams along with all OEM accounts and distributors.

Our raw material supply lines, both domestic and international are strong and unaffected by current government edicts concerning the transportation of raw material from any place in all parts of the world. Our workforce is complete and healthy and Darton is doing our part to assure the best possible employee protection against any virus by taking extra precaution in hygiene, workshop cleanliness and availability of necessary sanitary agents for all concerned. Our showroom and facility is open and fully functional to support customers and visitors alike.

Find Us:. The uniqueness of the new MID kit is the application for this block which is cast iron. Typically the Darton MID technology has been applied to aluminum blocks as a solution to correct weak block structure and provide for maximum bores given constraints imposed by bore center to center dimensions. The 6. The MID kit engineered for the 6. Darton Sleeves, Carlsbad, California? February 1, Translated that means Hardness exceeds BHN c Rockwell.

The yield is the main resistive mechanical feature of compound strength which resists circular distortion in a cylinder liner. The new hardness feature promotes stability and rejects scuffing in severe environments like Top Fuel motors. The most important new feature of DDI is the nodule count. Typical competitive high grade ductile iron have nodule counts in the range of per sq MM, as viewed under an electron microscope at x. This new density value creates an unparalleled wear and ring seal surface, and, which allows customized honing to take advantage of all the new piston ring technology to eliminate leak down and reduce friction.

In addition this new material from Darton Sleeves will make it possible for a whole range of engine builders to take advantage of the superior strength of DDI to increase bore sizes and reduce sleeve wall thickness in dry sleeve applications to as little as. This will allow engine builders to consider DDI at an economical price, where they might have used a steel sleeve before.

Drifting requires a good amount of horsepower to be able to smoke those tires around the track. What better way to gain reliable horsepower than to increase bore size while still being able to run high boost? The new sleeves will be supplied for bore sizes from 86mm — 90mm. The new multi-diameter sleeve, with flats assures max-wall thickness for strength at any bore size. The Darton Sleeve Kit design incorporates dimensional features to maximize fitment and installation ease.

This design also promotes an oil sealing feature to assure no contamination between the sleeve and the cylinder wall. Darton announces the availability of its new Modular Integrated Deck M. This kit will allow you to go from a standard bore of 95mm to a max bore of mm handling high boost and high compression.

This kits shares all the same patent pending designs in the M. The VQ35 Nissan engine will be the future of the import drag racing Pro-segment inits power potential is unmatched. Darton being the leaders in sleeve designs feels that the VQ35 will play a huge part in racing in the year to come and with this new kit its power potential becomes even better.

Who better to ask than Vinny Ten? He only uses Darton Sleeves in every VQ35 he builds whether it be for the street or the strip. In addition Darton has simplified installation and created a technical brochure to guide proper block machining. Count on Darton for all your sleeve needs. September 1, Alan Johnson and his brother Blaine grew up on their Johnson Family dairy farm. Their days were spent tending to dairy cattle, moving irrigation pipe, and doing their daily chores before and after school.

They proved themselves to be fierce competitors throughout the Central California region during the early to mid-eighties while honing their engine design talents, driving, and fabrication skills. Their on track performance and race wins spurred interest in their engine program and resulted in many engine and parts sales for AJPE.

By now AJPE was supplying several teams with Stage 1 Top Fuel heads along with a full scale repair department to service damaged cylinder heads. On August 31st, we lost Blaine Johnson in a tragic racing accident that changed us all on many levels.

Some lost a Son, some a brother, a friend, a competitor, or a co-worker. Never a quitter and always pushing to improve helped both the racing program and AJPE shift to another level. It started with a clean slate and was designed around three basic fundamentals: The ability to produce power, maintain its durability, and ease of maintenance.

These primary features propelled the X to the top of the Chevrolet wedge style engine package. By the end ofAlan and his AJPE team designed, tested, and christened nine different types of high level racing cylinder heads. Our cylinder heads and blocks were sought after worldwide with new customers throughout the US, South America, and Europe ordering engine parts on a regular basis. The AJPE A-Fuel head used a port design that was very unorthodox at the time but set the stage for some very impressive ET slips for our early customers.

The valve cover rail was raised to allow for an internal fuel rail to eliminate oil leaks, and a new exhaust flange angle and bolt pattern to improve header life and seal to the head. An improved port design, raised valve cover rail, and weight reduction were its strong points.

These were available with 2. The AJPE 5. The 5. As designed…the Stage 3 Muscle Head worked well with screw superchargers. A late NHRA rule change allowed for a larger intake valve which brought with it a substantial increase in power noted by several teams after initial testing.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. It is a building system anyone can use to create custom solutions. We have Design Technicians, software and file resources, educational information, and more to partner with you every step of the way.

Build your solutions with simple hand tools — no welding required. Adjustments and assembly are straightforward and fast. Get the New Catalog 23! Check out the online catalog to search by part number, descriptions, name, or keyword. Online Version. Order Now. Browse Categories. Submit Photo. Browse 45 Series. Talk with a Specialist! Personal Information First Name. Last Name. Not Signed Up? Store multiple shipping addresses Move through the checkout process faster Easily track orders Receive important updates Save and share!

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Lube www. RBS carries the ever popular peanut butter assm. It is sold in a two pound can and will last for lots of engine When Dart introduced the LS Next block init opened the door to GM 4 bolt block 4.

We had it built for one of our Factory Cobra Jet Page 1 of Go to Page:. Blocks listings near Los Angeles, CA 6 listings.

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rodeck aluminum blocks website